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...scissored them, stretching her tight ass to prepare her for what would happen as Grimmjow plowed her pussy. Rukia didn't think she'd ever been this horny and was begging them to end her torment, but still he stretched her. After a few minutes, Ichigo was still worried about her, but he didn't think he could take much more. "Grimm," It was all he had to say for his friend to pull out completely and allow Ichigo to take his place. Ichigo pumped into her wet heat a few times until he was sure his dick was wet enough. The instant he pulled out, he placed his head at her entrance and began pushing inside. Rukia stiffened when she felt his huge cock at her entrance. When he began pushing forward, Rukia felt like her ass was on fire. She whined and attempted to pull away, but Ichigo was determined. He held her hips tight and kept pressure against her until his head finally popped past the tight ring of muscle. She was so tight around him that Ichigo thought he might lose his mind. He immediately thought of that night he'd raped her and even though he couldn't remember it, guilt washed over him in waves. If she was in this much pain now, he couldn't imagine the agony he must have caused her. Mentally shaking those thoughts away, Ichigo focused on the present. There were tears pooling in her eyes, but as soon as Grimm re-entered her slick pussy, Rukia was ready to go. Even in pain, she was clearly enjoying herself. As...

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