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...expression he'd ever seen...and it was because of him. He wanted to erase that look. He wanted to make her smile. He wanted to run to her, kiss her, and hold her tight...but he couldn't move. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her and explain that this wasn't what it looked like...but his tongue was frozen. He wanted to convey everything he was feeling through his eyes...but she wouldn't look at them. All he could manage was a broken whisper, "Rukia." Then, she was gone and Ichigo sat unmoving as he stared at the door she had just calmly closed. No...don't go. He should follow her. He should run after her and beg her to forgive him for what she thought she saw. Instead, he just sat there. Nel woke and rolled over to see Ichigo staring at the door, "Ichi, what's wrong, baby?" When he didn't answer, she touched his arm and he recoiled violently. "Don't touch me," He whispered, "Please." He wouldn't look away from the door. Ichigo had never acted like this before and Nel was worried, "Ichigo, what the hell happened?" Still, he said nothing. Grimm sat up and ran one hand through his messy hair as he yawned, "What the fuck is goin on?" Still, he stared. When Nel looked at Grimm, he got the message, st...
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