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... dragged a finger through Bella’s folds. “Mmhmm,” Bella moaned, spreading her legs wider as her eyes darted back and forth between Dani’s face and her tits. “You want to touch them, don’t you?” Dani asked, recognizing the look on Bella’s face when she looked at her chest. “Yeah,” Bella said nervously as she reached out a shaky hand. Pressing her palm against her sister’s bare tit Bella felt a tremor of excitement run through her. She’d been dreaming of doing this for months and it was finally happening. Even more, Dani’s boob felt even better in her hand than she’d imagined. It wasn’t huge, but it was definitely bigger than her own and felt so good as she closed her hand around it. “I want to taste you,” Dani growled as Bella brought her other hand to play as well. “Ohhh, do it,” Bella said as Dani started kissing down her body. “Hmm,” Dani said, as she tried to figure out to fit on the couch. With Bella stretched out the way she was Dani had to either curl up in a ball or hang uncomfortably off the end of the couch to get where she wanted to be. “Get on the floor.” As she watched Bella move onto the floor Dani lifted her hand to her mouth. Extending her tongue she licked the finger that had been teasing Bella’s pussy. A shudder of ecstasy ran through her as she tasted her s...
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