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... a little bit spooked. "So... you actually *liked*this one? How? Why? What breakthrough has Hollywood accidentally stumbledupon to make *Sam* actually *like* a romance movie?" Clover sat on her bed,crossed her legs, and looked up curiously. "Talk to me."Sam sat down beside her. "Well, you know... it... it just struck a chordwith me, I suppose. I found myself wishing that a lot of stuff that happenedin that movie would happen to me," she said with a sigh. "And yet, I knowthey never could."Clover nodded. "That's why I watch 'em, y'know? It's fun to dream.""Yeah. I guess I finally get it. I almost feel bad now about all those timesI made fun of your taste in movies. Almost," Sam said with a small smile."Heh. You must think I'm always some sort of stick-in-the-mud. I don't meanto be, honest. It's just...""Sammie." Clover put her arm around the redhead, and smiled back at her."Don't say another word. You really think, like, any of that stuff gets tome? Duh! You're your own person, Sam. And my best friend. I wouldn't do athing to change you. Well, unless you turned into Mandy Part Two overnightor something. Then, yeah, we might have to go for the lobotomy."Despite her best efforts, Sam found herself unable to fight a sudden rushof warmth from deep within herself. "Clover..."Clover didn't stop, however. Something inside of *her* was prodding her onto get everything out in the open, and she'd decided...
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