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...Will said. The nervousness was in Will's voice and Jack was certain he could see a blush on Will's cheeks."Tis a wonderful surprise, love," Jack assured, then indicated the cloak. "But I wouldn't have thought even ye would need a cloak for warmth on a night as this." Jack's hand moved to sweep towards the starlit sky and Will's eyes automatically followed. The young man smiled at the beauty of the sea and sky around him and then at the beauty of the exotic man before him. Jack's tanned skin, his kohl-rimmed eyes, the dreadlocks with their charms and beads and the distinctive red bandana. He loved everything about his older lover. His smile widened, but Jack could see the younger man take a fortifying breath before he next spoke."I didn't think you would want me walking around 'Pearl' like this, love." As Will spoke, the lithe man spread wide the cloak. His slender naked body seemed to glow ethereally in the moonlight and Jack was sure he could see stars twinkle in Will's long curls. A low deep growl emanated from the older pirate and he felt his recently softened weapon re-prime itself for full discharge, pressing insistently from behind its confines. His eyes raked possessively over Will's nakedness. All this beauty was his and his alone. ...
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