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...esses as Jack had come deep inside the willing body, but Will hadn't been the normally energetic and responsive lover Jack had come to know and appreciate. Jack was Will's only lover: male or female. He should have known something was amiss with the boy and chastised himself for being so selfish. He started to move with the intention of whispering an apology and some sweet words, promising himself he would tell Will how loved he was in the full light of day, when his feet took wings without conscious thought.Will had taken his own step towards his beloved Jack when the deck seemed to tilt. The world span and Will felt himself begin to fall when he was swept up into strong arms. His dazed chocolate eyes gazed into the concerned hazel ones of his captain and he tried to smile."Sorry, love" he whispered hoarsely, forgetting where he was. "Don't feel well..." the rest of the young man's speech was forever lost as his eyes rolled back and he fainted in Jack's arms."Will!" Jack screamed. "Get Hop Li to my cabin. Move!" he bellowed at a hapless crewman who had stood frozen at the speed of his Captain's movements.Jack carried his precious cargo cradled to his chest until he could safely deposit the boy on their bunk. He could see that Will's shirt was already sweat-damped and the young...
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