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... tongue was searching for something inside her. There was a jolt and a jab and it felt like something deep within her was being pulled. All of this was coupled with the pleasure that the shifting and thrashing and exploring that the tongue was performing gave her. She felt something hard and round being dragged out from within her it was like when she gave birth to the plant except not as painful. The tongue pulled harder and Alice squirmed and sweated and teared up. The thing inside her progressed through her until she felt it being pulled out of her pussy. There was a very loud popping sound and Alice looked to see that the Cheshire cat had pulled an egg clean out of her cunt. Alice was shocked and surprised to see that there had been an egg in her pussy. She wracked her brain and soon remembered that she had been fucked by a dodo bird. "That son of a bitch." Alice said. "Huh?" Asked the Cheshire cat. "The fucking dodo impregnated me, that's the second time I've given birth in this crazy place, and I had them in the wrong order!!! I just want to get out of here." She said. "Well you did give me this egg..." Alice hadn't actually given her anything but she did not feel like arguing. "...Head down that path and make a left at the fork. At the purple house you will find someo...

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