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...sonating with the power of the core in such close proximity. For a moment she thought she heard the sound of whispering and half turned towards her guards before they faded away, leaving a vague unease in her soul as she felt as though there was something she should be doing. As the pod pulled away from the docking station, moving rapidly through the interior of the ship with its own mass effect field dampening the acceleration, the asari were given a clear view of the geth arranged orderly in their storage racks. There were hundreds of them, thousands even. Certainly enough to successfully invade practically any planet in the galaxy when combined with the fleet of vessels Saren had accompanying them, along with their own invasion forces. The turian renegade was obviously putting on a show, trying to intimidate the Matriarch, putting her in a position of weakness even before they had met. But Benezia was a practiced politician and such obvious posturing meant only one thing, Saren was worried about this meeting, he was unsure of his own position and was trying to make up for it with cheap tricks. Approaching the apex of the central chamber the travel pod docked smoothly into an awaiting orifice, a slight slither of frictionless materials brushing over each other the only warning before the doorway opened behind the party. The tw...
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