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...ry, scum, Vendettas silky voice came from Dannys left. He twisted around to see her. He couldnt see Vendetta, but he could as sure as heck see the horrible creature. The smell was hurting his nose. Then something clicked; the voice belonged to Vendetta, but the girl that was chained up next to him had been fighting the monster, even though she had pushed Vendetta through the floor. The monster was Vendetta. He wanted to slap himself. Vendetta grinned as if she knew what he was thinking.I told the Dark Shadows that those chains wouldnt have worked on you two. Well, on you at least, Vendetta said to the girl. The girl snarled.And now that Ive taken precautions, I have some things to do. Ill get the Dark Shadows to get rid of you two. For now, Ill let you wallow,In what? the girl asked. Vendetta grinned to herself, as if enjoying some private joke, which Danny supposed she was. Vendetta turned and swept out of the room. The girl growled.This couldnt get any worse, she said aggressively.Well, I suppose it could, Danny tried to reason. She glared at him.A small flap of paper flitted to the floor and landed face down. She grimaced. Then the girl started twisting and turning, jerking in the chains, trying to reach the paper.Arrgh! she screamed quietly when she failed. Danny chose this moment to ask something that had been nagging him at the back of his mind.Who are you?She looked at him and rolled her eyes.Youve been in th...

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