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...r, and looked around, looking for something to help them out. He was known for his resourcefulness. He saw some mud and some twigs. That gave him an idea. " I have an idea! C'mon!!" he exclaimed, as he dragged Tsi Xiang.Minutes later, some rough looking men in black came out the green, daggers in the air, scowls on their faces. " Ah, there ain't nothin' 'ere, you stupid lump." The taller one growled, slapping the shoulder of his companion. " Nothin' but that stupid dragon." He added, before kicking the dragon in her side. She yelped loudly in pain.The shorter one, rubbed his sore shoulder. " Could've sworn, I heard something." He muttered. " YOU HAVE MORTAL!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!" came a loud and boisterous screech. The two men yelled in surprise, and stood together. " Who a-a-re y- y-ou??" the taller one stammered, looking fearfully at his surroundings." I!!!" came the voice again. A loud, scary voice, double sounding. The combination of a man and a woman's voice. " Am the guardian of dragons everywhere!!!! I have seen what evil doings you have done to this poor creature, you evil..doers!!!!!" the voice said, even fiercer and louder than before. " Wh-o-o-o a-a-a-are you??" the shorter one repeated, cowering behind the ta...
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