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...ven't seen in years didn't even acknowledge my birthday. or how i don't have any friends.yes, you heard me right, no friends.i gave up on friends when they kept leaving. my friends in ontario where i was forced to move from, to my friends in my own town, who all were relocated. there parents were working for the military and i live in a military town, it started to seem like every time i made a friend they'd leave, so i quit trying.when i bring my guitar to school, people gawk at my amazing skill, no joke i'm actually a sweet guitar player. the reason i'm so talented at guitar is because i've got loads of time to practice. having no friends to keep me emotionally upright i've had to distract myself. guitar is my main distraction.fanfiction turned into my other. that's why i get so pissed when people flame me. i'm emotionally needy and this site gives me the crutch to keep me standing.I'M PATHETIC!!!!!, i cry myself to sleep at nights inside my blue blanket that my mom got me when i was two. sometimes i hold my blue blanket to myself as tightly as i can and pretend my mom was still with me.then when i started to get the shaky hands it drove me mental. i couldn't believe what my life had become.i was and still am trapped in a pit that i can't get out of. the reason i don't write like anyone else is because i'm not like anyone else.when i write songs on my guitar nobody hears them, and that's sad because i want t...
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