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...holds her tight as if he was never going to let go. After about a minute he finally releases and he walks away with Goobot.Cindy drops to her knees and starts to cry again and Jimmy goes to her side and pats her back.Everything will be fine, Jimmy said.No it wont!! Im letting my own husband get killed because he is sacrificing himself for everyone else and Im not doing anything about it!! Cindy bawled out into words.He is doing this for your own good and for everyone elses, although I dont know I would do it for Cindy, Jimmy said.Cindy glares him down and smacks him in the back of the head.Ow! Jimmy yelled rubbing his head.Well you deserved it!! you shouldnt talk that about her, who is me, like that especially who really cares about you, Cindy said.Her, care about me? Yea right, Jimmy said laughing a little bit.Think about it, you get married to her, Cindy said standing back up.So! Thats my opinion in the future not now, Jimmy said crossing his arms.King Goobot comes back in and starts yelling.He has escaped! Find him! Goobot yelled.Cindy and Jimmys face lifted with joy when they heard that. Goobot hovered towards them and starting pointing into their chests.You know where he is!! Goobot yelled in Jimmys face.He doesnt know anything!! See!! You can never get r...

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