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...t I definitely did not want to see him dance wiz another woman.Obsessed? I do not know, honestly. But if one zing is for sure, it is zat whatever I had felt for him was no longer infatuation. Zey say is hard for someone to know if zey are in love. Ze only way you really know you arent is if you know for a fact zat you arent. But if you are infatuated wiz someone, is different. Sometimes you may zink you are in love, but you are not.But I know I am.See, over ze years my love for him had developed and matured. I was no longer infatuated wiz his smell. I loved everything about him: his handsome features, his floppy blue ears, und boy did he sometimes remind me of me! He was und still is a great guy, even if not many know of it.But I could only watch him from ze sidelines, so to speak. He was wiz her, zat sassy girl Lila, or Layla, or somezing like zat. I probably knew it at one time, but now I dont care.Zis party was a big mistakeI should have never come. All it did was remind me that I was only important inside my own kingdom. Outside of the kingdom, I was an outcast. A loser. A nobody.No one to wait on me hand und foot.No one to tell me Im pretty or special.I was alone. Und outside of zose castle walls I will always be alone.I do...
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