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...believable story, as well as Eager-to-Spread-News-Around Martin on the loose to solidify my claims.Good boy.Anyway, the next few classes had been the same thing, just about, so by the time lunchtime had rolled around I was starting to feel a bit more comfortable within my own skin. That is, until I remembered that, Oh, my God. I'm about to come face to face with the Taranee for the first time since all of this has begun. Here goes nothing.So you can imagine my nerves when Sprita and I were approaching the cafeteria doors. I was so flustered, that I had to duck around the corner near a pair of water fountains -- Which, needless to say, doing so so suddenly had surprised the chocolate haired beauty walking behind me.Princess? Is something troubling you? she asked me a bit too loudly than I cared for as I ran a clammy hand through my always messy hair. (Hey. Now that I've given up on Caleb, I don't see any point in overly primping . . . Although, there is that e-mail he'd sent to me! How could I forget about that? Maybe I should have put better care into my appearance today. Especially since he still has to share my book back in class, thank God. Another reason why I should definitely hurry with this entry.)H-Hey! Ixnay on the Incesspray! I hissed at her in Pig Latin (which I'm surprised I kn...

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