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...land a hit on the face of the virus. It flew back and grabbed the wall. It seemed to stay still, Robin charged at him, just then, a dark hole appeared in the armor of the virus, and it started to shoot lasers out of it. Robin dodged the first few, but was then hit by the next three and was knocked out for a few seconds.Robin! Are you alright? asked Asura. Robin awoke and rubbed his headYeah, Im okay Robin looked around but couldnt find the virus anywhere. Asura, where did the virus go? Asura looked around the Cyborg- map.The main infection is still in his chest, but the virus looks like its heading to Cyborgs left arm.My left arm?! Robin, hurry the hell up! If it gets control of my sonic blaster, it could do some major damage! Yelled Cyborg.It looks like the room Im in can take me to any part of your body really quickly. I can already see a way into your arm. But man, I really wish I had some help here said Robin. Just then two figures entered the room.Robin! it was Starfire and Raven. They too were dressed in their anti-virus armor. Starfire looked like a futuristic warrior, and Raven looked a little like a female angel of death, complete with a cyber scythe.Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, Raven and Starfire arrived just as you were knoc...

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