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... TOOK THEM!” Gwen shrieked from the bathroom. Ben, munching on something he had snatched, called back. “Took what?” “MY CLOTHES AND TOWEL!!!” Ben smirked. “Mayyybeee… Why don’t you come out and look?” Gwen peeked her head around the door. “Please, give them back!” Ben twirled her panties on one finger. “Come get them.” Gwen flushed red as her hair. “Ben!” “Grandpa’s not here. And I want a look.” “Promise me something?” Gwen slid further out, revealing some tempting cleavage. “Suuure, if you come out.” Gwen’s face shifted into a flirty smile, and she crept one leg around the door, revealing and thick, hot thigh. “You get naked too.” Ben wordlessly pulled off his shirt and pants. “All the way.” Ben let his cock harden. “Come help me then.” Gwen walked towards him, and his breath cought at the sight of her bare breasts and untouched clit. She swung her sexy little hips as she advanced close, closer, and then… His pants were off, Gwen was sitting in his lap, and his bare chest was touching her naked boobs, his bare cock rubbing against her shaven pussy. Gwen smirked. “More than you bargained for, huh?” With that, she sat on Ben’s cock. The feeling was exhilarating, and the only thing, the only way it could get better was as Gwen shuddered and started to move up and down...
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