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...go faster, Fry grunted, eye glued to the display, where the blue donut was getting uncomfortably small.Youre just jealous that Im a better shot than you, muttered Bender, lighting one of his ubiquitous cigars.Just how many of those cigars you got? Fry growled, coughing, while batting the control stick back and forth, hoping that the ship could dodge at least some of the lethal weaponry bouncing off their rapidly weakening shields.Bender glanced at the display, and leaned back.Enough for the next six minutes.Excuse me, my friends, Zoidberg said, but I dont think they want us anymore. His alien accent could not hide the clear disappointment in his trill. For the first time in his life, Zoidberg had felt truly wanted. Someone was actually paying money to find him. The normally earthbound doctor had been thrilled, even if all the people who wanted him had been shooting at him.Bender cocked his head, an impressive feat for a bending unit without a neck. Yeah, the shooting is dropping off.Why are they doing that? Is that good? Fry asked.Everyone on the bridge gave the classic I dunno shrug, and Fry ground his teeth in frustration. Everything was so complicated, and not for the first time he wished Leela were there to explain what it all meant.Were boned, Leela said.Amy said nothing, hoping to stave off another lecture. No luck.Nobodys firing anymore, except the morons were clinging too. Guess theyre too stupid to realize tha...

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