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...tration. If Vlad stood up, Danny needed to not be huddled behind a chair throwing up his intestinesthat could wait until later. Right now, the teen intended to be ready to knock him back down.From under the bookshelf, Vlad groaned faintly. The shelf itself shifted slightly, sending whatever books had managed to remain in place toppling to the carpeted floor. Then the white shoulder of Plasmius costume appeared amongst the darkly-bound books, followed by the rest of Dannys aching nemesis. Letting out a roar of fury, Danny gathered everything within him to fire another sparking ecto-ray that smashed into its target with a satisfying crackle of discharged energy. Vlad hit the wall with a solid thud, then slid to the floor in a crumpled heap. For a moment, Danny worried that he had gone overboard with his attack and injured the man more than he had intended tothough, he admitted to himself with something like horror, he had intended to hurt Vladbut Vlad stirred and lifted his head.Daniel? It sounded like his voice was coming from somewhere far away, faint and dimly confused.Danny wanted to make a dramatic gesture, like marching over and seizing Vlad by the collar, but he was also wary of getting too close to him. So he maintained his distance, allowing his enemy a minute to breathe.Vlad, you crossed a line, he seethed, gesturing sharply with one hand. Almost ...

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