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...mity Park.Heh-heh-heh-heh, Danny evilly chuckled, looking around pleased with all the damage he caused.Danny! Whats wrong with you!? Sam asked as she walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder.Suddenly, Danny quickly blinked as his eyes turned back to glowing green.Whoa! Danny exclaimed as he looked around the damaged Nasty Burger, What happened here!?Thats what we should be asking you! You totally wrecked the place! Sam responded, a little annoyed.Although, Tucker laughed as he pointed towards the door, All that food thrown in Lancers face was hilarious!The three watched Lancer angrily stomp out of the place, was food still dripping off of his face.But I seriously did all of this!? I dont even remember doing it! Danny explained.Yeah, just like how you didnt remember the material from your last math quiz, Tucker joked. Sam and Tucker giggled.Hey, come on guys! This is serious! And just for the record, Im getting a retake. Why dont you guys try studying with no Fenton Thermos available, and the Box Ghost preaching to you all night about how powerful he really is. Danny said.Sure, whatever you say, Tucker and Sam teased.Danny turned around and was about to walk, when he bumped into something. He looked up and saw that it was the manager who was looking angrily down at him.Im fired arent I? Danny sighed looking back at the damage he did.Ya think? And so are your friends, the manager said.What?! But they didnt do anything! Danny argued.Ye...

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