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...e, the other one raised its shield before the blasts damaged it. Phoatusuccessfully dispatched one using four shurikens. Cyborg blasted his soniccannon at the shield arm of the android to stun it and threw a mini bombinto its chest.Robin: "six down six to go! Titans! Ultimate formation! Go!"Beastboy transformed back into a raptor and kicked all of theminto one spot in the room. Robin threw freeze discs at their feet to keepthem still.Robin: "quickly before they break the ice!"Cyborg, Starfire and Phoatu got side by side and fired theirblasts at the same time, the energy fused and formed into one large beam ofteal (bluish-green) energy at the androids. At the same time Raven lifted alarge pile of rubble and dropped it on the androids. *KABOOM!* a large holein the ground replaced where the androids stood.Robin: "we gotta stop the man at the computer!"Cortanna: "your too late!" she said as she pushed a button. Plasmus andCinderblock fell through the roof.Phoatu: "looks like I have no choice." he said as he grabbed five shurikensand began charging them. "This is gonna leave me too weak to face Utaop."Robin: "Phoatu; you and Cyborg go face that green guy over there. Wealready know how to handle these guys!"Cyborg: "you got it! Yo jolly green! Come over here!" h...
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