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...inking Paloma was right behind him. "Great, first Betty disappears and now Paloma. What's wrong with me?" What started as a search for pages of homework and the cat who stole them ended up as a search for pages of homework, the cat who stole them, the girl who was supposed to hand them in and the girl who volunteered to help look from them.Paloma soon found Purrsy. "It's ok Purrsy come here."He guarded the last page of homework refusing to let anyone take it from him."C'mon Purrsy I wont hurt you." Paloma cam closer. Purrsy hissed. "It's alright don't be frightened." Her eyes changed to orange feline eyes instead of brown human eyes. Her eyes were now completely orange with a thin black line in the middle.Purrsy didn't look scared, he was curious. He had met aliens before when he accidentally boarded Betty's ship and learned that only the ones that looked like vacuum cleaners were dangerous."That's it Purrsy come here." Paloma said as the cat approached curiously. She picked him up and petted him gently. "Good boy!" He purred happily and didn't mind that she took away the last page of homework."Paloma!" She heard Noah calling and went to find him."I'm over here! I found Purrsy and the last page of the homework. There was one more page before this, did you find it?" Paloma asked."Yes, now we have all of them." Noah said.Soon Betty world return after a successful mission in outer space.xoxoxoxoxoxoxox"Hey Betty look what we found" Noah said...

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