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... exploded, the blue pill I took earlier converted my body into living energy, and I teleported to that beacon you pressed, or as I call it, the Terminal Teleporter. I just lucked out today, because I had never tested The Teleporter or the tooth cap before.""According to my calculations, you overcame odds of 1 to 753941," said X-5."Well, now that Cerebral is out of my life, I can finally start anew," said Neil. "Hmmm...speaking of Cerebral, how am I gonna explain myself to DeGill?""Don't worry. Subsection 3.1 of Section 8.5 in the Galactic Guardian rulebook states that if a villain is permanently bonded to a substance that threatens the universe, Galactic Guardians can destroy the villain," said X-5."Phew! That's a relief!" replied Neil."Sparky, X-5, let's go back to headquarters," ordered Betty. "By the way, Neil, how do we separate Genesis from our bodies?""Just use a really powerful magnet. My mom and dad used a lot of metals to create Genesis, so the suit's somewhat magnetic," answered Neil as the ship went into hyperdrive.At HQ, the foursome had their Genesis bio-suits mangetically removed. Admiral DeGill told Neil that he read the files he had when he was first brought into HQ. Afterwards, Neil was relieved to know that his hemochromatosis was gone forever. He was informed that he had a new MP3 player/communicator, as well as a new identity in his hometown of Vancouver Flats set up for him, which he w...
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