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...s either burned or bounced away on impact with the double-layered forcefield that protected Betty, Neil, Sparky and X-5.Breaking away from its usual partial-body transformations, the alien now disguised itself as an unusual hybrid of the big cat family. It had the spotted legs of a cheetah, the striped body of a tiger, and the thick mane of a lion, all which were visible when lightning kept ripping through the air as it had done so for the past hour. The hybrid growled menacingly at its victims, preparing to lunge. Betty and Neil ran forward to meet it head-on with Sparky and X-5 following closely. All four of them met the creature in mid-air as it pounced. Betty and Neil landed feet-first on its bidge of its snout, while X-5 and Sparky followed up with a shoulder block to the hybrid cat's exposed abdomen. The force propelled the creature a few meters into the air, but as even Betty's annoying cat Purrsy could pull off, it landed on its feet with a splash. Its body once again morphed back into its gaseous, pitch black form that reminded Betty so much of Auntie Matter's body of dense, negative particles that could generate a black hole. It bellowed at the exhausted foursome as tendrils lashed out a short distance from its body."Isn't anything going to stop it?!" wondered Sparky in absolute astonishment of the beast's abundant endurance and pain threshold."Look! Over there!" yelled Neil through the hard patter of raindrops.Betty, Sparky and X-5 ...
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