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... a good man; he never wanted this to happen. Besides, Bruce was out when Joker kidnapped the kids, and we already questioned his butler."Yin rested her head on her hands, feeling a large headache coming on. "Bennett..." Yin's partner turned to her. "I...don't know what to do... I don't even know where to look anymore." She tried best to hide a few tears as she mumbled, "I hate to admit this but...I think Joker has won..."Bennett leaned over his desk and patted Yin's hands. "We can't give up yet. Something has to turn up. We're overlooking something. There has to be something we're missing--""Something..." Yin interrupted, and she lifted her head up now, "That's the problem Bennett: we don't even know what that 'something' is..."Suddenly, Yin's personal computer began beeping. She sat up and typed in a few keys to see what new information had come up. Hoping to be some sort of evidence or traces to where Joker could of ran off too, she searched frantically through files until she found what she looking for. Yin groaned."What came up?" Bennett asked, trying to sound hopeful."Police have been informed...that a Shaun Hathaway has just arrived at StepHen Suites..." Yin narrowed her eyes in suspicion at this. "I wasn't aware of any other relatives to the Hathaway children...""Neither was I," Bennett added. "I he's related to them..." He seeme...
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