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Pokemon HentaiDawn from Pokemon got roughly fuked in her ass…Jetsons Porn
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A Sample part of Pokemon Porn Story:

Chapter 12

Is this necklace not absolutely stunning? Stella squealed, jumping up and down excitedly. The small amber gem around her neck bounced along with her. It was held inside a silver sun.

Beautiful. Look, mines a flower! Flora exclaimed, showing off the pink gem, enclosed in a silver daisy.

What are these anyway? Musa asked, fiddling with her red gem, placed in a musical note.

The Light giggled. They seem to be how my power manifests itself. I dont know what to call it. Why dont you figure out a name?

Hm, what about Glitterix? Or Glamourix? Layla suggested, holding her bright green gem and silver raindrop holder. Maybe even Sparklix?

Those are all great names. Which one should we pick? Seemingly the only one not fingering their necklace, Tecna spoke up. I have a few suggestions as well.

Well discuss it on the way back. Stella said, and started toward the large doors.

Musa jumped as if shed been stung by a bee. Domino! Thats right, weve gotta get back! Who knows what Bloom and the boys have done while we were gone?

I hope we didnt miss all the action. Layla added, and stood up to go behind Stella. Flora and Tecna followed suit.

Just as they were nearing the door, the Light cried from behind, Wait, wait! I forgot! You have to do one more thing!

One more thing, one more thing, Musa mumbled, How many more things are we gonna have to wait for?

The Light was suddenly stricken with worry. She wrung her wrists nervously, and began, Unfortunately, you cant just talk to me and be on your merry way. The balance of light and dark requires that if youre going to talk and get power from me

We have to get dark power as well. Tecna finished for her, mirroring her worried image.

NO! No no no no no! I am not doing that again. Using dark power once was enough. Sorry, wrong number no I will not! Stella erupted in an angry fit. Im the fairy of light. I completely REFUSE to ever do anything even darkness related ever again!

Stella, chill! Musa yelled over Stellas angry ranting. After a few comforting coaxes from Flora, Stella eventually calmed down.

Alright, Im sure that the rules of light and dark are willing to bend a tiny bit for Stella, considering she is a light fairy. The Light obliged, cleaning out her ears.

Thank you. Stella quietly agreed in the back.

Good girl. Tecna patted her head. Stella replied with a death glare.

But the rest of you have no excuse. A door will appear over there in a few seconds. Go through it. Who or what ever you find in there, do not scream. The four Winx walked toward the spot in the wall where the light had pointed, and sure enough, a doorway suddenly appeared. Its frame was black, and had twisted thorny vines creeping up and around it. There was no door, and only darkness inside.

His main goal is to make you scream. Hell take the shape of one ...

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