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A Sample part of Naruto XXX Story:

Authors Warning: Like everything else, this takes place in my series, set up by the events in my first story More Than My Friend where the big event is that Frankie adopts Mac as her little brother. If you havent read that story yet, I strongly suggest you do so now, or else you might get terribly confused.


The joyous, ear-splitting scream echoed loudly throughout the small bedroom, forcing the little boy to snap out of a his deep slumber with a hoarse yelp as he shot upright with a start. Severely disorientated, Mac could do little more than gawk dumbly at the grinning redhead standing in his doorway as what sounded suspiciously like Irish folk music blared from her own bedroom across the hallway.

Huh? the child managed to murmur sleepily. Frankie, what are you -WAUGH!

He had barely started mumbling when Frances Frankie Foster, still smiling like an idiot, jigged barefoot across his room and swept the extremely dozy little one up into her arms with ease.

Happy St. Paddys Day, Macky-Boy! she whooped loudly in an absolutely atrocious imitation of an Irish accent.

Wha? the still-drowsy child just grunted bewilderedly as she lifted him high into the air.

Happy St. Patricks Day, pal she repeated gleefully with a fat smile that spanned from cheek to cheek as she glowed with genuine enthusiasm. Time to celebrate!

It was right then that Mac finally realized that along with the usual violet skirt, instead of her trademark Powerpuff Girls shirt and sweater combination, his guardian was proudly sporting a bright green T-shirt over her favorite violet nightgown, which displayed the phrase MADE IN IRELAND prominently in capital white letting.

Huh? he whimpered as he tried wiping the sleep from his eyes, all the while hoping this was just some extremely bizarre dream.

Seventy-five-percent of the blood in these veins comes straight from the Emerald Isle! Frankie boasted happily as soon as she saw that he was reading her garment. Grandma always taught me to be proud of my roots, and there's no better day to do it! Cmon, pal, time to let loose and-

Now? he whined incredulously, desiring nothing more than to be curled back up under his covers. Frankie giggled and nodded eagerly.

Yes, of course now! Why not? Im Irish, time for me to seize the day and be proud of what I am!

But do you have to do it so early? Mac groaned wearily.

Oh, cmon! she just tittered playfully with a quick nuzzle as she drew him close, much to the cranky childs extreme displeasure. Nothing wrong to be enthusiastic about our heritage, is there?

Cut it out! Heritage schmeritage! he snapped as he tried to unsuccessfully squirm free. Youre only doing i...

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