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A Sample part of Naruto Porn Story:

Yay here's the second chapter...thingy! Yep I'm still going. And ya know what? I still don't own anything. And I still haven't learned how to spell. Just letting ya know, this chapter is gonna be short, but the third should be longer. Many thanx to WakkoRyan for encourageing me to continue!

Kay now on with part 2!


By the time , Yakko, Wakko, and Dot got to the scene, people (well mostly non-people, but you get it) were already crowded around the scroce of the explosoin. Dot and Wakko, being as small as they were, had to jump up on the doctor's shoulders to see, but the effect was the same. Everyone stared in amazement, jaws agape at what lay before them. More than half of the studio lot had been destroyed; a huge metalic mound lay half burried in the ground where it used to be. Cars lay up-turned and burning all around, along with the few houses that were left. Soft whispers could be heard from the crowd, but other than that, the lot lay queit now.

It took a short while for Dr. Scratchensnif to realize his right shoulder was shakeing. He absentmindedly put his hand over it to stop it, but his hand came to rest on something warm and furry instead. He turned his gaze and realized Dot was sitting there. It was strange, he thought, how he never felt her there. But he had noticed years ago that the small puppy like creature didn't weigh much at all, so this didn't really surprise him.

Snapped from him momantary train of deep thought, Dr. Scratchensnif soon realized she was crying again. Her face was fixed in the same look of terror that she had in his office. The doctor knew why she was upset, he didn't know what to say. He didn't haveto. Dot squeezed her eyes shut, sending a small trickle of tears down her cheeks. She slowly shook her head and, only autiuble to the doctor because she was right next to his ear, he uttered the single word;

"...Noo...". And with that, she leaped from his shoulder, and ran off. Yakko instantly noticed this and turned to run after her. He didn't get far, though, before he spun around and grabbed his little brother (who was still hypnotized by the scene) by the back of the shirt and continued to chase after Dot, calling her name over and over again. Dr. Scrtachensnif sighed, shook his head, and chased after.

It didn't take long for them to find her in an alley way. She was shakeing and sobbing, curled up in a small ball my a tr...

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