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A Sample part of Pokemon Hentai Story:

A Walk in Your Shoes

Chapter 5: Time with Zapp Brannigan and Kif Kroker

Come, Zapp said, Let me give you a tour. This wasnt very appealing to any member of the crew, especially since Zapp still hadnt put on any clothes.

I think wed rather just give you the package and leave, Leela said, trying hard not to look at Zapp. Leela turned around to grab the package and gasped. Zapps underwear was put into the cargo hold, which was full of useless crap the crew gathered over time. When Fry crashed, the door to the cargo hold opened and everything poured out, leaving Zapps delivery buried underneath all the junk.

Oh, my, that wont do, Zapp said, Ill have my crew clean that up, but it looks like youll be spending the next few hours with me, Leela. Zapp made a growling sound and grinned. He was then slapped by who he thought was Fry.

Zapp was about to ask what was up, he could tell something was wrong, Leela was the one who slapped him usually, not Fry, but Kif Kroker ran up.

Hello, Amy, Kif said. He saw the Professor smile and wave, but nothing from Amy. Being the emotional creature Kif was, he saw this as rejection and ran away, crying. Amy, in the Professors body, grabbed the Professor, in Amys body, and ran after Kif. Unfortunately for Amy, the Professors body wasnt fast at all. This left Fry and Leela, in each others bodies, and the same with Bender and Zoidberg, with Zapp Brannigan.

Hmmm, robot and ugly crab thing, why dont you go join the crew at the bar, Zapp said, knowing that the word alcohol would have Bender leave. Zoidberg, being the friendless, uhhh, thing, he was, was sure to follow Bender. Zapp was right. His plan was working perfectly. All he had to do was get Fry away, and he knew he and Leela could be alone.

Fry, youre the delivery boy right? Zapp asked, That means you should go get my package. Im sure youd be fired if you dont help. This idea was unusually smart for Zapp Brannigan. He called over some of his crew to take Fry away to help retrieve Zapps underwear. This left him with Leela, but Zapp didnt realize it was actually Fry.

Well, well, well, alone together, Zapp said, moving closer to Fry, who started whimpering.

Meanwhile, Amy was looking for Kif. She knew he was in his room, but the Professors body was so old, she couldnt keep up with him as he ran away, and she couldnt clearly see where she was going. The Professor, in Amys body, was dragged along, even though he wanted to be elsewhere. He was trying to figure out how to use the Mind-Machine to take over the mind of an important galactic figure like Zapp Brannigan.

After fifteen more minutes of walkin...

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