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A Sample part of Cartoon Sex Story:

Was there anything worse in the whole world than a vicious case of the flu?

Undoubtedly, but at the moment a certain ailing little girl couldnt name a single one of those nastier alternatives. So stricken was she with fever, she could barely think at all for that matter as she lay curled up in her bed, looking as if she was standing at deaths door.

It was bad enough that she had been so mercilessly struck down by this sickness the night before, sending her temperature skyrocketing and making her so queasy she could barely stomach anything other than some water now and then. However, along with that heaping portion of misery, Goo also found herself saddled with a sizable side dish of guilt as well. After all, the family had been planning to pay her grandparents a visit at their home a few towns over since the beginning of the week, and no one was more excited abut the outing than the child herself.

However, apparently her health seemed to have had other plans as the flu bug she had contracted from clear out of the blue unexpectedly incapacitated her. Thus, all thanks to her, their Saturday had gone straight down the toilet without a trace. And, although her mother had just been in her room half-an-hour ago, reassuring the child that these things just happen and it wasnt her fault, it still didnt make Goo feel so much as one smidgeon better. No matter how many times she was told that everything was going to be just fine, it still didnt change the fact that her mother and mother were stuck here tending to her, and to say she felt terrible about the whole mess wouldve been an understatement at the very least.

So now there she lay, wracked by a hideous combination of guilt and flu and feeling as helpless as a newborn kitten. At the moment, she wanted little more to drift off to sleep and pray that shed feel slightly better when she awoke. However, just as it had been when she first woke up, luck didnt appear to be on her side, for she was also feeling thirstier than someone who had just crawled through a barren de...

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