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A Sample part of Cartoon Sex Story:

So again I dont own Xiaolin Showdown!

Bold is normal pov

Italics is there inner self talking



First off I would like to say something: FINALLY! Girl, I think I knew you were in love with Raimundo before you even did. BUT anyways! U KISSED HIM! Im so thrilled for you Kim! AND no u are not crazy because you fell in love. Did I mention I have a new boyfriend? I think hes the one. But enough about me. Im typing this to talk about YOU! Kim, does he feel the same way? I want to know so write back.



PS.- this is better than any Soap Opera on TV!

As Kimiko was reading this she couldnt help but smile. Keiko was always so happy-go-lucky and free spirited. Plus you wouldnt even be able to guess how many times Keiko has told her that her boyfriend was the one. She has had A LOT of the ones. Keiko brought up a good point. Did Rai feel the same way about her as she did about him? She decided to write a quick response before training began.


Congratulations! Im happy you maybe found the one. Hopefully he is the right one this time. I never told you but your last boyfriend was a jerk but I didnt say anything because you thought he was the one too. Anyway, I dont know how Rai feels about me but I will find out! I promise to keep you updated!



Kim knew she had to hurry if she wanted to make it to training on time. She quickly brushed her hair and put it up in pigtails. She then dashed down the hall to the training grounds.

When she got there everyone was there except Raimundo.

Wheres Rai? she asked.

I reckon he still asleep. Whose turn is it to wake him up?

I believe Kimiko it is your turn although, I do not mind getting him up. I enjoy seeing his reaction when I throw a bucket of ice water on him! Omi said while smiling.

No, thats ok Omi Ill get him up.

Kim was walking down the hallway to their rooms when she thought of a gutsy way to wake up Rai. She would kiss him to wake him up.

When she walked into Rais room she had to suppress her laughter so she wouldnt wake Rai up.

Rai was lying on his mat covers thrown all about with his teddy bear tucked under his arm and he was smiling in his sleep.

Kimiko couldnt help but think he looked like a child. But that was before she really got a good look at him. If you could imagine him without the bear.. He looked well sexy.

Rai had no shirt on exposing his well toned chest; his hair was messed up in a way that it looked like he just got out of bed, well he was still in bed but you get the point; and he was only wearing a pair of red boxer shorts.

Kim was pretty...

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