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A Sample part of Cartoon Porn Story:

The New and Improved Alien-Mobile

Kevin wanted to go to the car show. Gwen wanted to go through a list of missing persons and see who had been found. Gwen won because she gave him a kiss and Kevin was a bit frustrated. A kiss wouldnt cut it forever, but for the moment, it was enough to bend him to her will.

I cant believe you arent more concerned about this, Gwen said, eyes glued to the television as another former DNAlien was reunited with her family- her name was Theresa, she had been missing for three months and apparently her twelve year old daughter had missed her very much, Look at this, Kevin! We helped bring these two back together!

Big deal, Kevin said from behind a mouthful of potato chips, Come on, the show only lasts for a few days and I dont want all the good cars to be gone!

You can go without me if you want to.

Gwen had a way of talking that sometimes irritated Kevin (only sometimes though, because Gwen rarely used it). She would make her voice slightly higher and more sing-songy and whenever she used that tone of voice, it meant that if Kevin did what she was telling him to do, he would never get any for as long as they both lived (or until he gave into her wishes). Gwen was talking in that tone of voice at that very moment so Kevin just growled a little and stuffed more chips into his mouth.

Dont worry, she said, curling up into Kevin. She put her hand on his chest just lightly enough, I promise well go. Just two more, she paused, How are we getting to the car show anyway? The bus?

It wasnt the coolest thing in the world, Kevin knew, but the fact was there was no other way to get there, so he nodded.

I have a better idea! Gwen exclaimed, Kens home from school so he can take us!

Kevin was about to explain that a) he would not be caught dead in Kens car, b) he would not be caught dead being driven by Ken in Kens car and c) if he tried to get into Kens car, he would have a heart attack because of what a piece of crap it was, but before he could, Ken was suddenly behind them.

Ken can take you where? Ken asked, ruffling Gwens hair.

Kevin decided he liked the look of Gwens hair all messed up and he should work extra hard to make sure it got messed up again in the near future.

Kevin needs to get a new car, Gwen explained, The Alien-Mobile got wrecked.

What did you just call my car? Kevin demanded, not really sure if he had heard Gwen correctly.

Bens idea, Gwen said quickly before looking back up at Ken, So can you take us?

We dont need a ride. Kevin said at the same time Ken said, Sure.

Even though Gwen didnt catch it (she was concentrating on the reunion of Luke Liddell and his fiance), both Kevin and Ken did and began glaring at each other.

There wasnt anything in particular that created a problem b...

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