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Out of the Ashes


I can move between the veils/ One is of my deep regret/ And the other is of memories that I choose to forget/No matter where I go/ Youll forever be under my skin- Helga G. Pataki

Good ole Sunset Arms, home to me, home to Arnold.

I hated my life and the way things had started to go for me. I had let Arnold go, right? I had let go of all those feelings right? So why did I get that feeling under my chest, in my heart? Why did I feel like I was going to explode whenever I saw Arnold coming out of the shower with a towel around his waist as I passed him on my way in? Probable because he had an amazing body and was good looking, but even still that was not the point. I think my feelings for Arnold were starting to bubble to the surface again and I dont think I could handle that.

Not when I was just starting to forget him.

Me and Arnold moved through our daily lives at school and barely acknowledged each other. It helped that he didnt pay attention to me, and I returned the favor. He played basket ball and I was a ballerina. We were on different ends of the spectrum with no middle ground with the exception of our friends and our living arrangements.

I was glad that Arnold didnt feel the need to insinuate himself into the middle of my life even though we lived in the same place. I was distant and emotionally attached which is what I believed my dancing required, and he was fun and outgoing.

He was also dating Lila, finally and it really didnt help that I still hated her. She had him, and his love and his warmth and attention.

I had no one.

I rarely daydreamed but when I did it was about confronting Lila and asking her about why she was with Arnold. I would stand in this day dream and glare at her while she talked in that ever so perfect way and annoyed the hell out of me, with her response being, Because Im popular, and hes popular and we should be together.

Of course I knew that Arnold would never date Lila because of that reason: popularity. I mean I was popular but I just didnt feel the need to be out there like Lila. I swear the girl had been as slutty as ever until she hooked up with Arnold and got it together. He made people better, and when they were around him they wanted to be better. I had wanted to be better.

Phoebe snapped me from my thoughts by pointing out that the lunch line was moving. Nothing seemed appealing today, not even tapioca pu...

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