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Spinelli Woods, Esq: Heh heh, Im not telling! Well see if youre right soon! Keep reading!

LilVickiRyan: Im not telling, but youll know if youre right if ya keep reading, lol!

Chapter Seventeen: Lets Split Up, Gang!

So, how exactly are we going to stop these psychos from making slaves of kids? Lawson asked once they were inside the building.

Bob mentally slapped himself. He had no idea, no clue, no plan. And here he was in the middle of a conspiracy. He should have calmed down and thought of something before bumbling into it.

Uh...well, we need to get everyone out of here, for starters, he replied with a goofy smile.

No, duh, Lawson said rolling his eyes. I was more interested in the game plan.

How am I supposed to know! I hadnt had time to think of one!

You mean you drug me out here, in the middle of the night, get me involved in some whacked out guys plan, and you dont have a plan?!

Bob sighed. Okay, first we need to find out where the kids are, so I guess we need to split up and find them.

Split up? Are you out of your brain! Lawson squeaked.

Maybe, Bob smiled. Ill go this way, and you go that way.

Vince cracked his eyes open from where he was on the floor. What happened? Last thing he remembered was walking in the Winners Walk and afterwards they had a little party. Mustve been something in the punch, he thought.

He suddenly realized that he was surrounded by a bunch of other boys in a pretty cramped room. Shocked, he stood up and barely had room to move. He poked the boy in front of him on the shoulder.

Hey, whats going on here? he asked. Where are we?

I dont know, the heavy boy answered. I just woke up here. Hey, youre that Vince kid right? You and me were in the Winners Walk last night.
Oh yeah, Vince said, his memory returning to him. Youre Lance right?

Yep, thats me, he told him. I hope we find out what were down here for, Im starvin!

Lawson was carefully walking down the narrow hallways, scared to death. He absolutely hated being by himself, especially in a creepy place like this. It was almost as bad as being alone in detention!

Bored out of his ever-loving mind, he started reading the labels on the doors, which were as boring as this whole ordeal. He walked past one door and thought he heard a bunch of voices inside. Naturally, he pressed his ear against the door to see if he could understand anything. He suddenly realized he was hearing KIDS voices...maybe the missing kids voices.

Holy he started, but stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

He turned around and saw a very huge bald guy standing behind him with a creepy grin. And...

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