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A Sample part of Cartoon Sex Story:

Chapter 4: Farewell or Shoot out at Hillwood cemetery

A week had passed since Arnolds graduation. He had waited long enough, it was now or never. He stuffed another t-shirt into his back pack along with a white envelope that contained his life savings, a grand total of a little over five thousand dollars. It was all he had but hed have to work with it. After the envelope, he carefully inserted a terribly weather beaten journal with the initials M.P.S stamped on the brown leather cover. The journal had belonged to his father and it was the only clue he had as to where his parents could be. He zipped the bag up and slung it over his back. He then folded a piece of paper in half and slid it into an envelope with Grandma written on it. He set the envelope on his pillow and left of his bedroom, closing the door behind him. He carefully crept down the stairs, taking his time to avoid the creakier steps. When he finally made it down stairs and into the parlor, he realized hed been holding his breath since he had stepped out his bedroom door. He let it out with a quiet whoosh and crossed the room towards the front door.

Finally leaving? a voice in the darkness asked.

His grandmas voice. Arnolds heart sank into his foot.

The light next to the couch clicked on and Arnold saw his grandma sitting on her husbands old chair. Gerald, Phoebe, and to Arnolds amazement, Helga all sat on the couch across from her.

Wh- what are you guys- Why are you

I called them Arnold. Grandma said smiling at him.

Cmon Arnold. Gerald said. Weve known each other literally all of our life. Did you think we didnt know what you were planning?

Arnold knew where this was going and didnt like it.

You guys arent coming with me. he said.

Arnold, weve been friends ever since we could walk. Phoebe said. Dont act like you havent thought of asking us to come with you.

Arnold bit his tongue. It was true, he had wanted to ask Gerald and whoever else wanted to too come with him on his journey but he just couldnt. Not when they had their own lives before them.

This doesnt concern you guys. This is my problem not yours. I couldnt ask you guys to risk your lives on a wild goose chase.

Arnold, if you really dont think there is any hope, the why go? Gerald asked.

Because I have to.

Thats exactly why were coming with you. Gerald said.


Oh shut up football head! Helga snapped. She jumped out of her seat and grabbed Arnold by the collar of his shirt. Listen, this can go down one of two ways. Either youre going to let us come with you or were gonna chai...

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