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Belle Doing Ariel Gallery

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A Sample part of Belle Doing Ariel Story:

I want to take the full price! Kyle said.

Damn it Kyle don't ignore me! Stan yelled as Pip asked if that was what he wanted and Kyle nods once again they both ignore him.

Okay Damien I may need some help. The other nods and they both wait for pip's orders. Now Stan... you still want to know? Stan nods. Kyle is going to save you. Pip turns to Kyle. You better be positive about this. Kyle nods. I was just checking. Damien sit Stan up... Kyle sit on the bed but face the other way.

Kyle nods and does as he is told. Damien also does it but Stan tries to fight against him. Stan just do as we say! Damien says trying to hold Stan.

I want to know what's happening!

Pip ignores Stan and turns to kyle. There may be some slight burning but place your hand on the pentagram on Stan's arm. Damien hold Stan. Kyle does as he told and so does Damien. Kyle now repeat me....In the layers of hell. Kyle does, There lays a bond, Which can't be broken kyle says it. Let our bond join that bond. Kyle says it. You can take your hand off know. Kyle does so.

What the hell just happened? Stan said once again being ignored.

If you feel faint Kyle, Sleep and remember you saved him. Pip says and smiled. Kyle smiles back weekly then lays down.

What happened? Stan looks from from kyle to pip to Damien then back at Kyle hoping to get an answer.

You can let go of him now Damien. He does so and then hugs Pip and he hugs back and whispers to him,

I feel sorry for Stan....

Why? he's saved isn't he?

If Kyle dies. He whispers

then he can find someone else.....easy.

It's not like that. He says as Stan leans over Kyle in concern. You heard the words of the spell 'that can't be broken.'

Oh....yeah then I guess I do feel sorry for him too.

Exactly, It's like I died and you're still alive. Kyle sacrificed himself for Stan.

but I thought if he's strong enough he'll might beat it....

Might....He was really upset about Stan fainting that has an effect on it. Damien nods while Stan is still concerned looking at Kyle. Look at him Damien he doesn't know what happened. Damien nods and feels sympathy for him. He's lost with out Kyle. I hope Kyle will be alright by the wedding.

Ky? Stan asked again, starting to cry and kyle opens his eyes and looks at Stan. Kyle. Stan hugs hi...

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