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Ariel Hentai Gallery

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A Sample part of Ariel Hentai Story:

A/N: UmI didnt quite expect such a reaction to the idea that Adam might have had a fling! I have to admit that Im putting this one up a few days early because of all the beggingbut that wont always work! However, I do accept bribes, preferably in the form of dark chocolate ;-)

Of course, I dont own the original MOTU characters and I dont make money off of this, or I wouldnt need to accept bribes because I could afford to buy my own chocolate!

Adam went for a walk by himself the next morning, knowing it wasnt a great idea given all the accidents of late, but desperately needing the time alone. The visit to Rock Haven had opened a floodgate of emotions; images of Keegan being buried under rocks had taunted him all night, intermingled with dreams of Adora stabbing him and the sting of a whip. He had awoken feeling overwrought and weary. As he walked, the swell of emotions became overwhelming. He swallowed hard against the tears, recalling a conversation with Duncan at the same time.

Youve got to allow yourself to blow off some emotion, Adam, his mentor had warned him. Cry, yell, scream, hit somethingjust stop burying it.

I talk with you, Adam had protested, frowning.

Its not enough, Duncan had admonished him. You take after your father and try to be strong all the time. Its not healthy. Even He-Man has emotions, Adam.

Those emotions were at the boiling point now, Adam had to admit. He sat heavily on a tree stump, also acknowledging to himself that his experiences over the last year had left scars that were much deeper than hed let on to anyone, including Duncan. Memories flooded his mind, bringing the sense of failure over Keegan, the despair of Teelas death, the humiliation of being Hordaks slave, and the recollection of all the physical torment hed endured. He couldnt hold it in this time, and he didnt want to. He was tired of holding it all together. With only the trees and the animals to bear witness, Adam finally let himself cry.

Hawk had just thrown the last bag into the wind raider when Duncan came in, his face grim. "There's been a change in plans. We're all to return to the palace, immediately."

"Is everything all right?" Adam asked, worried by Duncan's tone. He had arrived back just before breakfast. His mentor had immediately taken note of the princes red-rimmed eyes, but had not commented on it. Adam seemed less tense t...

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