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Disclaimer: I dont own the characters of 6teen or Danny Phantom.

By: Desiree

Jonesy looked at Nikki. He looked deeply into her eyes but she turned her head away and forced on her Math book and she started to write something. Jonesy just looked at his friends and they all looked at him. A few tears wason the verge of falling from Jonesy's eyes but Jonesy wiped them away. There was no way he was letting his "over-sized male ego" get hurt. Sure, Jonesy was like that, but he was lovable. He was a great guy and he sure as heck wasn't a wimp like Danny Fenton. Okay, sure, Danny Fenton was a great die, but you have got to admit it, he'd cry in front of anyone.

Nikki grabbed her excerise book and she started to write Jonesy a note. A note in which she would give to him at recess.

'Jonesy' Nikki started to write. 'Lately, things between you and I have been getting rather crazy and I am not sure if I like it. Sure, we are extremely close and I love you too death but, everytime I am not at school or not near you, you are flirting with some other girl. I know, that you would never ever cheat but I really don't like you flirting, I've told you that before,it hurts me. That is the only reason why I flirts with Danny Fenton, to let you know what it feels like. That isn't the only problem that I have with you. When I joke with you, you always make a sassy comment, ones that hurts and when you called me "little miss perfect" this morning, I realized that it was the end, the end of us. Yes Jonesy Garcia, I am serious, even though I love you, I am breaking up with you. You deserve it, and maybe, just maybe, we'll see what happens in the future but as if now.. you are a single guy and I am a single girl. Bye Bye.' she wrote and she signed her name. 'Nikki Wong' Then Nikki folded up the piece of paper and she put it in her jeans pocket. Yes, Nikki now wore jeans but these were black and baggy. She also wore a black hoodie with the word "Rebel" in red letters. She still had all the piercings of course, Nikki would never change that. Then Nikki looked up and started to pay attension to what was going on in Math class. She was in no mood for thinking about what was going on with her and Jonesy. She didn't even kno...

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