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A Sample part of Cartoon Hentai Story:

Hi! The next chapter is here! Sorry for the wait (which wasn't actually that long!)

Be Polite

Diaspro mourned over her broken nail and scorned. Stupid girl, does she know who I am? She thought and smirked. Well since I'm taking her boyfriend, I guess I'll let her off the her.

So sorry, Diaspro! said the Queen, Helia claims he is in love with someone else, but he is destined to be in love with REAL royalty,

I know all too well... said Diaspro

We should probably invite her to dinner to make sure she forgives us, not that we care, the king sneered

Meanwhile, outside, Flora was still in tears and Helia was still trying to comfort her.

I'm so sorry, Helia said quietly. Flora carried on sobbing. Just then Diaspro came out of no where.

Helia, your mother and father have invited Flora in for dinner, out of their kindness, Diaspro scorned. Helia tightened his grip on Flora.

Flora, I would suggest you like, go inside right now, the king and queen don't like to be left waiting... Diaspro lifted an eyebrow. Helia pulled Flora up. She was shaking and her dress was damp from tears. She gave Diaspro an angry look as she passed.

Ah! Flora, glad you could make it! said the king with a grin. Flora didn't say anything. She wasn't smiling, but she still had tears in her eyes.

Finally Flora spoke. Thank you for inviting me inside, I am very grateful. Flora said through gritted teeth.

Please have a seat, the queen said

Thank you,

So, you're from Lynthea? the king asked

Yes, Flora said, Helia told you when I arrived,

It wouldn't of mattered whether he told us or not, we could still tell, the king explained, Everyone on Lynthea has blasted light and airy accents...

Flora gritted her teeth and scorned. Helia held her hand tight under the table. She tell he was getting angry at his parents by the strength of his grip.

Leave Flora alone. he said sternly

Helia...Don't... Flora said quietly

Dinner is served! yelled the chef, breaking the awkwardness. He dropped a large steak in front of everyone. Flora stared at it and gulped. Helia's eyes widened, he had forgotten that Flora was a vegetarian!

Well? Start eating then! the queen grinned

I-I-I can't, Flora stared at her plate

Why ever not? the king frowned

Dad, everyone knows that all Lyntheans are vegetarians, Helia said while staring at his own plate, You know that I am to.

While all this was happening, Diaspro was chomping hers down like a savage, paying absolutely no attention to what was happening, Flora was watching her, disgusted.

I need to pee! Flora announced as she stood up

I'll show you where the toilet is! Helia stood up, he ran after Fl...

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