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A Sample part of Cartoon Sex Story:

I own nothing.

I own nothing.

Zims POV

I felt the Gaz-human play dead on my lap, but I knew better than to do anything except what I was. The human had very soft hair, but I had liked it shorter.

I looked at the Dib and smirked at his look of hate. He was now smarter than to jump up and scream at me.

heh, his brain has begun to fill that giant head of his. But he is still no match for- WHAT IS THE GAZ DOING!?!

Gazs POV

I shimmed my body trying to dislodge the tentacles. My Dead act wasnt cutting it.

I shimmed and twirled and it seemed to have some affect. The tentacles were flexing and withering on my body, encouraging me to squirm more and to move faster.

I was so focused on getting free that I didnt notice the hissing breaths that Zim took. Or his claws gripping my hair.

But what did catch my attention, and the rest off the rooms occupants, was a large boom.

The class turned toward the windows and dropped their jaws in shock. Minus me, Zim, and Dib.

There out side the window was Zims house. With legs.

Zim breathed out a sigh and got up with me held out in front of him. He walked with toward the window and jumped out of an open on.

Master! I need the Tacos! I neeeeeeeed THEM! screamed the house in Girs voice.

GIR. What have I told you about putting your brain in the houses mainframe? sighed Zim.

TOOOO NOTTTT TOOO!!!!! gargled the house.

Why is this happening again? asked Dib. He had followed us out.

Zim spoke with out thinking. After the first time it happened when ever he gets too close to a computer device his mind gets sucked in.

Really? So his normal computer mind base is a wireless trance meter? said Dib thinking.

Yes, his mind is not properly wired in so it works like a radio, he picks up TV and radio signals with his antenna. Said Zim as he walked over to his house and started to activate a side panel on it. His mind was wondering to different things so I was put on to the ground. I admittedly rummaged around in my pockets looking for a suitable punishment for the alien.

That would explain his sudden mood changes and wild behavior. Mused Dib, completely side tracked from his main goal.

I found what I had been looking for and walked toward Zim. He didnt even see me coming.

I snapped the spare collar that dad made around his neck and Zim cried out in pain as the needle in the back of the collar burrowed into his spine, or his alien version of a spine.

I stood over him as he squirmed onto the ground, after a bit he stopped and just lay there breathing. I waited for him to get up. I heard a sound behind me and I turned to see Dib staring at me in shock.

Wh- Gaz- how? When?

I sneered at him and began to turn back to Zim when I felt the f...

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