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A Sample part of Cartoon Hentai Story:

Word of Caution: This story contains suicide, graphic descriptions of death, delinquency of a minor, language not suitable for young children, severe and vividly depictedangst, and an implied incestuous relationship. If you take offense to any number of these things, please do not proceed with reading this story. You have been given fair warning, any flames on the matter will be grotesquely disregarded.

End With You


Your eyes are no longer eyes. They are marbles, black as night. They are shattered glass reflecting the light in different fragments. I see me, I see you. I see black and white. I see red. You dont see anything anymore.

The porcelain is stained. Its the only thought I really think. The others are all false thoughts. No matter how they scrub somehow I know it will never come clean. The paint is blackened, cherry red and royal purple. It spills down the sides, puddles on the ground. Water trickling to the floral tile below. I could bathe on the floor. Youre drowning. Up to your chin drowning. For a moment, I want to save you. I want to pull you out, feel your naked body. I want to press my nose, my face, my lips to your bare flesh. I want to give you my breath and my life.

Are you cold, I want to ask.

Im cold. My skin ripples, but I dont move. Im too afraid. I dont want to disturb you, wake you from your dreams. You always told me that you wanted to dream.

For this moment, you are mine. You are entirely mine. If I speak, if I make a sound, Ill lose that moment. And then youll be everyone elses. I cant bear that thought. I dont want to share you. So I stay silent and unmoving.

The soles of my bare feet are soaked. The water is ice freezing your veins. I watch the way your body lies, study the contours of your every muscle. I shift, theres a squish beneath my feet. I can almost hear my breathing.

I hate you, you would always say, I hate the way you make me feel so lost.

But now Im the one thats lost. And youre the one thats made me feel that way. And I understand, why you hated me. Because I hate you now.

I cant feel you anymore. The hairs on my arms dont stand on end. Im staring at you, but youre not there. I can tell. My body can tell. Youre gone. Youve been gone a long time.

The water floats your warmth to me. It brushes against my feet. Its fading. I can feel it fading, bright red wisps lingering against my skin.

I want to talk to you. Ask you why. You wouldnt answer. It doesnt matter. I know the answer anyways. Its useless to ask what I already know. Its a waste of time. That sort of thing always annoyed you. I had always anno...

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